The Best Golf Distance Balls for Long Drives

To the untrained eye, every golf ball looks the same from the outside. The construction, durability, weight and aerodynamic capabilities of a good golf ball, however, are all important factors to think about when selecting the perfect golf ball for getting longer distance off the tee.

Although every ball is designed differently, as long as you have a clear picture of what you're looking for in terms of the aspect of your swing, your skills as a golf player and your strength as an athlete, you'll find the ideal long distance ball with ease. Consider the following selection of high quality golf balls.

Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

Long Range Golf Balls

The Wilson Smart core golf ball is designed for excellent performance on straight shots, and offers adequate response off the tee. Specializing in long distance, the experts at Wilson managed to create a ball that reacts ideally to the speed of your swing, offering firm response for maximizing the distance reached.

Also, you'll find this is a great ball to hit the green with. If the golf balls you've used in the past have bounced off too fast or weren't able to maintain their trajectory once they've hit the ground, you'll find all those problems will be gone when you start using the Wilson Smart.

Despite being cheaper than many other golf balls you could buy if you're looking to attend a professional tournament, the Wilson Smart will easily allow you to achieve the distance and precision you will need at a far better price.

Bridgestone E7 Piercing Flight

Long Range Golf Balls

Like the name would suggest, the Bridgestone E7 Piercing Flight is a golf ball especially designed to fly as far away as possible when shot off the tee. With its new and improved 326 Web Dimple pattern designed for improved aerodynamic performance, you'll feel it shoots out like a rocket, while in the air it will easily cut through the wind to a much farther distance.

One of the special properties of these balls is that they fly extremely straight, so you don't have to worry about getting errant shots and hitting water hazards all the time. Unlike other long distance balls, the E7 also feels great on the green.

Whether you're recovering after an injury, trying to reach your best performance in professional tournaments or planning to practice in difficult weather, the Bridgestone E7 will help you get the results you need with your game.

TaylorMade Distance Plus Golf Ball

Long Tee Shot Drive Balls

The Distance Plus is a high performance golf ball that will help you achieve excellent performance in a number of ways. Durable and using a highly aerodynamic 342 dimple design, it is designed to help mid to high handicap golfers achieve excellent results when it comes to distance and accuracy.

For the price, there are very few golf balls that can achieve the same performance as the TaylorMade Distance Plus. This golf feels great and offers consistency for long distance tee shots, due to its superior cover, and you'll also find its back spin to be a great asset when you hit the green.

A special quality of this ball is that it also offers great visibility. You'll be able to spot where it went even if you've hit it far off the fairway, so you never have to get too stressed about lengthening your game time.

Nike Golf PD Soft Power Golf Balls

Distance Golf Balls Compared

A composite ball designed with improved compression for a soft feel and featuring a softened ionomer cover, the Nike Golf PD soft power golf balls are designed to help you reach the green more easily, while making sure that your shots are straight each and every time you swing your club.

Nike has gotten us used to consistency through their products, and the PD soft power golf ball is no exception to this rule. With its simple and efficient 312-dimple aerodynamics and ability to provide faster, more consistent ball flights, you'll find it easy to use these balls even under trying circumstances, when drag would normally cause a lot of trouble.

You can get even a dozen of these golf balls at a relatively low cost, and you'll find they will last for years without the need to replace them – as long as you don't end up losing too many of them

You'll find these golf balls to be among the most positively received on the market. Golf experts consider them among the most practical for getting the longest distance off the tee.

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