The Best Clubs for Seniors to Use, and Why?

When it comes to answering this question, there is no one answer. I would never presume for one minute that a person’s age would automatically have them inserted into a specific category of golf club usage. There are many questions to be answered in determiningwhat club might be best for someone. Keep in mind that I ask these questions as a certified club fitter.

o How long have they been playing golf

o How far can they hit their driver

o How far can they hit their 7 iron

o Any physical limitations, especially arthritis

o How often do they play

o How often do they want to play

o Do they like hitting irons

o What is their opinion on Hybrid clubs

o Physical size, especially height

o Last…what do they want to spend on clubs

How long have they been playing golf.

The reason I ask this is to ascertain what clubs they may have played recently. Also, it helps if they have some basic knowledge of golf terminology.

How far can they hit their driver.

Believe it or not, some seniors can still generate significant ball speed. If they can still hit their driver 250 yards, there is a chance they can still use a regular shafted driver. I ask this question of everyone before suggesting what shaft they should play…not just seniors.

How far can they hit their 7 iron.

We typically have 7 irons in our fitting cart. Having this information helps me determine how much of a “game improvement iron” I should suggest as a base line club.

Any physical limitations, especially arthritis

Most men eventually have to bite the bullet and switch to graphite shafted irons. The way I explain this to them is like this. From strictly a performance standpoint, steel shafted irons are preferred. The reason being that steel shafts transfer energy more consistently than graphite shafts do. However, over time steel shafts wreak havoc on a golfer’s; wrists, elbows, shoulders and back. When you start getting nagging pain that you might be able to attribute to your golf clubs, it is time to do something about it. Graphite is lighter and it acts as a shock absorber for some of these joint trauma issues.

How often do they play…How often do they want to play.

These two questions go hand in hand. A few years ago I played with a retired farmer who was 86 years young. He had been golfing for only 4 years. He told me that he had to take up the game so that he and his wife would have something to do in their retirement years. Although he didn’t play much at first, at 86 he was playing 3 times a week. Some seniors have a desire to dedicate a lot of their time to a hobby like golf. Others may play only a few times a year. If they want to play a lot, then they should have clubs that they won’t be frustrated by. If they play sporadically, they should have a club that is the easiest to hit.

Do they like hitting their irons-what is their opinion on Hybrid clubs.

This is another time when I ask these questions together. With the popularity of hybrid golf clubs, it helps me to populate their set composition with clubs that they like hitting. There are still some purists out there (young and old) who WILL NOT entertain hitting a hybrid…even if I strongly suggest it. No sense getting someone all uppity about an issue like that.

Physical size, especially height.

This is mainly a question I ask when we get to any custom fitting that might be needed. No matter what age a golfer is, custom fitting is something that they should take advantage of. A tall person may need longer clubs…a shorter person may need shorter clubs. Tall ladies may actually need a men’s length club. Over time, your swing tends to flatten out a bit. If this happens, the lie angle of your clubs should be adjusted accordingly.

What do they want to spend on their clubs.

Again, I ask this question of every golfer once I get to this stage. And there is no stock answer. Some people want to get more bang for their buck. Others really don’t care how much they spend.

What do most seniors need to look for when buying clubs?

o Weight (overall weight of the club)

o Swing Weight

o Shaft selection (graphite-light flex)

o Oversized club head (irons) which are more forgiving

o 460cc driver club head

o Dampening systems

o Hybrids to replace long irons

Below are the 5 best clubs for seniors complete with reviews and pricing:

Adams Idea Golf Set

Adams Idea Golf Set Best Senior Clubs

The Adams Idea Set is as complete a set as you will ever find. Everything from the oversized 460cc driver and forgiving fairway woods to the hybrids, irons, wedges and putter – this full set will allow you to be more comfortable once you get to the first tee.


· A complete set that starts with woods that are easy to hit and forgiving. They are designed with slower swing speeds in mind.

· New technology in the sole of the hybrids helps to optimize ball speed and launch angles. The Idea clubs feature a “wrap-around slot”, which expands the sweet spot immensely. This gives off center hits more distance.

· Premium, full-sized Adams Golf cart bag included

These clubs are available in right and left handed, with both regular flex and light flex graphite shafts to choose from. Ladies clubs are also offered. There may also be an assortment of colors available as far as the bag goes.

Callaway XR OS combo set c/w XR driver and fairway woods

Callaway has always been a leader in designing game improvement clubs that are “user friendly”. The Callaway XR OS is just such a club. According to Callaway, the following type of player would benefit most from the XR OS combo set; players looking to improve their game, slow swing speed players, inconsistent players and players looking for more forgiveness, comfort and distance.

As far as woods are concerned, the XR series would fit nicely with this package. Their tag line this year is “Forgiveness Meets Fast”. All levels of golfers are not only realizing added distance, but taking advantage of the forgiveness that the XR series offers.


PLAYABILITY: Easy to get airborne with exceptionally high launch angles, reliable from the rough in all but the worst situations.
ACCURACY/FORGIVENESS: The Face Cup design allows this club to turn bad swings into acceptable shots; players are finding that it maintains distance and produces straight shots even on mishits
DISTANCE CONTROL: Is more proficient at distance control than you might expect. One of the easier clubs to hit ½ and ¾ shots with.
FEEL: Oversized club head helps to stabilize the feel. They are a nicely balanced club. Not designed to be swung at 100%, which makes them ideal for seniors.
LOOK: For someone interested in comfort or game improvement, the XR OS instills confidence right from the first time you look down at them. The thick topline and large cavity don't detract from the view at setup; gray head and visible scoring lines make them easy to line up.


None that would be of interest to seniors, so they do not bear mentioning.

These clubs are available in right and left hand as well as ladies. Custom fitting options are available from most club fitters. The shaft available for men is a MitsubishiFubuki graphite. The ladies shaft is a MitsubishiBassara 50 graphite.


The Callaway XR OS combo set when combined with the XR driver and fairway wood, form a formidable team when it comes to putting together a package for seniors. Callaway has more in stock shaft options for seniors than most other manufacturers. This set is most definitely geared towards a player with swing speeds that are in decline.

​Cobra Fly Z Combo set c/w Fly Z driver and fairway wood

Cobra Fly Z Combo set c w Fly Z driver and fairway wood

The Fly Z clubs from Cobra are definitely worth a look for seniors looking for a little bit of performance mixed in with the forgiveness they need. The combo set is available in; 4, 5 and 6 hybrid, 4 – 9 iron, PW, GW and SW. You can either find a set in stock or special order whatever combination you want. Most stock sets will have 4 and 5 hybrid and 5 iron through PW. The Fly Z is available right or left hand, and ladies as well. The graphite shaft offered is a Fly Z XL graphite. Light flex should be the flex of choice for seniors.

Features of the Fly Z combo set

Speed Channel Face

Minimizing the face thickness increases face flex, which adds ball speed which equates to added distance, even on off center strikes.

Hollow Cavity Design

CG (Center of Gravity) is moved back and down in the club head giving higher launch angle where needed.

Back CG Zone Weighting

A repositioning of weight also makes these clubs very forgiving on all types of hits.

Offset Design

Reduce slices with a slightly off-set club head.

The Cobra Fly Z driver and fairway wood fits nicely to fill out this package. The extreme versatility of both the driver and fairway woods when it comes to hosel adjustments should be something to consider when choosing woods.


The Cobra clubs might be a little less forgiving than either of the options listed above, but there is no reason that a senior who still wanted to hold on to what they have couldn’t benefit from these clubs.

Pine Meadows PRE Progressive Hybrid Set

Pine Meadows PRE Progressive Hybrid Set

The PRE name stands for Performance Ready Equipment. The series is geared towards players who are looking for higher launch angles and more forgiveness from their clubs. One of the first clubs created in the PRE series is this unique hybrid set.

The set is comprised of hybrid ironsthat are designed around a full hollow construction throughout the entire set. Long irons have a wider sole plate and more offset offering maximum forgiveness, while the shorter irons have a smaller sole plate and reduced offset to give a better feel with the shorter shots. This progressive hybrid composition is somewhat unique but becoming popular with golfers who want their clubs to be easier to hit.

If you are struggling with your current irons this is the solution for you. These clubs may just make golf more fun than it has been in a while.


  • Progressive sole width and offset
  • Full hollow construction throughout the set
  • Recommended to be built with our standard Pinemeadow Hybrid graphite shaft
  • Color scheme is black with orange highlights
  • Head covers included for all clubs
  • Suited best for golfers who have trouble hitting down on the ball
  • Center of gravity is 6 times deeper than a classic iron, this increases the launch angle
  • Larger hitting area


The ZR3.0 driver features a lower center of gravity, which increase launch angle to create larger carry distances. Don't miss out on the opportunity to leave yourself with shorter approach shots.

You'll notice an alignment feature on the top (crown) of the club. This is designed to help with staying true to your target angle at address. Plus, it just looks cool!

Fairway wood

The ZR3.0 fairway woods feature a wide face for optimal launch conditions. High quality stainless heads provide the durability that you expect and contribute to performance as well.


The Pinemeadows Progressive Hybrid set, when combined with the ZR3.0 driver and fairway woods, offer a set of clubs that is easy to hit and fun to play. They are available in men’s and ladies and both right and left handed.

Callaway Solaire women’s 13 piece golf package

Callaway Solaire women’s 13 piece golf package

The Women's Solaire 13-Piece Set is an all-in-one complete set of clubs with outstanding performance and forgiveness engineered specifically for women golfers.

Every club in this set is both lightweight and easy to hit. Callaway designed this set with beginners in mind, however, I have found another niche for the Solaire clubs. Senior women are taking advantage of the design features offered in the Solaire clubs.

Features of the Solaire package:

Performance Driven Designs

The irons are oversized and perimeter weighted. This gives a higher launch angle with more distance and forgiveness. Easy to hit woods should take some of the frustration out of the game. Every club in the bag is designed with maximum forgiveness in mind.

Complete Course Coverage

Go from the golf shop right to the first tee. The Solaire package gives you everything you need. The brand recognition of Callaway contributes to the popularity of these clubs.

Premium Odyssey Putter

This set comes with an easy-to-align Marxman Putter from Odyssey.

Stylish Bag

The Solaire package comes with a brand new, functional 7-pocket golf bag with a 6-way divider top to help keep your clubs organized and looking great.

The set consists of; a driver, 3-5-7 fairway woods, 5 and 6 hybrids, 7 iron through SW, a putter and a small cart bag.

Callaway has a knack for developing clubs that target golfers who are looking to improve their game. In the Solaire package, they have found a crossover market with senior women who want to enjoy the game for a few more years.


While only designed for women, the Solaire package from Callaway is a perfect fit for senior women golfers. They are lightweight, easy to hit and very forgiving. Life (and golf) is supposed to get easier as we grow older. Hopefully the Solaire package will help to do that even if in a small way.

I hope that this article has helped to shed some light on choosing golf clubs if you are a senior. I know and have played with many seniors in the past 25 years. It gives me a fuzzy feeling to see these men and women enjoying golf well into their retirement years. I can only hope that I can do the same when I retire.

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