Selecting the Best Cheap Golf Balls

When you're searching for high quality golf balls to purchase, you might notice that some of the ones labeled and reviewed as the best in the trade are quite expensive. But is it worth spending that kind of money on a golf ball, when there are plenty of reliable and far more affordable alternatives?

The following three brands offer some of the best high quality golf balls at a price that is suitable for most players, while also ensuring that you get the very best quality compared to even some of the more advanced and expensive golf balls.

If you are new to the game of golf or unformiliar with golf ball design I suggest you check out our golf ball selector guide first. ​

Wilson Ultra 500 Straight Golf Ball

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For excellent playability and the best distance of the tee, this low-cost two-piece golf ball will provide you with the best performance you can hope for, while ensuring that you get a straight trajectory and minimized spin.Click to replace anchor text

The Wilson Ultra 500 uses a titanium core – not all that common for such an affordable golf ball – a feature that was introduced to help increase the ball's initial momentum and make sure it can travel farther. To assist with that goal, the Wilson Ultra's quality aerodynamic design was made to reduce drag and friction while in the air.

Wilson offers an excellent price when making available the Wilson Ultra 500 15-ball pack, and most of the golfers who have already tried it out claim that it's the best cheap golf ball pack that they have used so far, some also comparing it to higher end 2-piece and 3-piece balls.

Srixon Marathon Golf Balls

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Srixon's 12-pack is another great contender for the best cheap golf ball position. Using a unique 333-dimple, highly aerodynamic ball design, it will go where you swing it, and its large core will ensure you don't have to swing too hard to beat all your distance records.

The combination of its highly aerodynamic design, large core and durable construction makes this two-piece an excellent choice for beginner, as well as medium and high handicap golf players. Moreover, if you also want good spin control, the Srixon Marathon will oblige, and even exceed your expectations – which might not be that high for a golf ball that's rated at such as low price.

Although they won't add 100 yards to your swing or help you keep the spin under control like a professional, the Srixon Marathon golf balls offer a lot more than what you'd assume, and you may even find they will help improve your long term consistency when it comes to long distance shots.

Nitro Golf Nike Tour 2 Pro-Line Balls

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A pack of 24 Nike golf balls might seem like an expensive purchase; but the Nitro Golf Nike Tour 2 pro-line golf balls are actually a lot more accessible than anyone would have assumed before they appeared on the market.

A well-established brand, Nike spared no effort in their attempt to make the Nitro one of the best reconditioned golf balls on the market, and according to some experts and many amateur golf players, they have actually succeeded.

Not only does the ball feature a sleek, premium design, but they feature a unique design that ensures good aerodynamic capabilities and can help you get the kind of distance you want off the tee.

Although these golf balls are repainted, reconditioned and recycled, featuring small abrasions, you'll find they will easily meet your expectations in terms of shot distance and control, while also proving to be surprisingly resilient overall.

With these golf balls, you can really take off with your practice and golfing career. They'll help you get the level of performance you've always wanted, and you don't even have to pay a great deal of money to buy them.

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