Our Top Pick of The Best Winter Golf Gloves for Cold Weather

When it comes to buying golf gloves, the weather plays an important role, and you'll find your regular gloves will not be able to cope with the demands of the winter cold. Fortunately, there are a number of brands that produce excellent winter golf gloves to help you get ideal results.

These golf gloves were manufactured using the latest technologies and the best techniques for helping to maintain a strong grip on any golf club and allowing for excellent freedom of movement, while also ensuring proper temperature insulation to keep your hands warm and comfortable all the way to the 18th hole.

FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

Cold weather Glove

The FootJoy WinterSof golf gloves are designed to provide you with the best performance both on the golf course and outside of it. The warm and comfortable fleece is windproof, and can keep your hands warm longer. Also, the gloves come with a handy easy-access tee holder that is provided along with a zero-friction tee.

Regardless of where you live, these gloves will keep your hands cold whether it's snowing or the sun is out. They don't cost a lot more than most medium quality gloves, and many golfers who have already purchased them consider it money well-spent.

Some reviewers even admitted that they love to use the gloves in the mornings or evenings, even when the weather is not that cold, but the wind can be chilly. The gloves offer excellent protection even under those circumstances, and the comfort and durability they provide will definitely be a worthwhile asset.

HJ Glove Men's Black Winter Xtreme Golf Glove

Golf Gloves

If you're looking for gloves suitable for extreme winter conditions, high winds and very cold climates, the HJ Glove Men's Black Winter Xtreme will deliver the kind of quality and value that you're looking for. Harsh winters can be quite unforgiving, and if you still want to practice no matter what the conditions, these gloves will definitely lend you a helping hand.

They use an adjustable Velcro closure to help you keep comfortable, while ensuring a tighter fit, and the cuffs are quite long to ensure that no areas of your wrists remain exposed to the cold, regardless of your movements. The gloves also feature a honeycomb silicone pattern on the palm area that not only looks great, but will also help you maintain a firm grip on your golf clubs.

You may find that these gloves will fit quite perfectly, and they are exceptionally warm, so they can be used under any extreme conditions.

Callaway Men's Thermal Grip Golf Gloves

Callaway Winter Golf Glove

Callaway, as usual, has managed to come up with a low-cost product that delivers the kind of high quality any amateur or professional golfer would want.

The thermal grip golf gloves are designed to offer excellent grip in bad weather – including extremely wet conditions – due to their digitized synthetic leather palms, and they also come with a highly optimized microfiber outer shell that not only repels water effectively, but also eliminates wind as a problem, when it comes to ensuring the tightest grip.

To keep your hands warm, Callaway opted for a thermal fleece inner lining that does the job quite well, while also keeping to a lighter feel, so that you'll sense the glove more like an extension of your hand, instead of feeling that it might be detrimental to your game.

Even golf players who don't usually opt for Callaway equipment have loved their thermal grip golf gloves, and considered them to be an excellent purchase.

Mizuno Golf ThermaGrip Glove

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Another great quality golf glove that offers an improved, comfortable and soft feel, while not hindering the grip you get on your golf club, the Mizuno Golf ThermaGrip glove comes with a flexible material suitable for any type of weather, as well as flexible, stretch knit cuffs that will do perfectly well to keep the heat inside, while not hindering your movements.

The gloves are provided in packages of pairs, so you can keep both hands warm as you play, and aside from the fact that they are fully breathable, they also feature a unique windproof construction that will help you keep warm under any conditions.

Basically, the gloves were made both warm and practical, so that you don't have to take them off to take your shot, adjust your clubs or tools, or any other task you may need to perform while on the golf course.

Don't ignore the winter cold when going out on the golf course. Getting the winter golf gloves that are most suitable for your needs can be essential for maintaining good performance levels overall.

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