Our Review of the Best Golf Practice Net

Golf practice nets are available for golfers who are serious about improving their skills and preparing for tournaments or just enjoy a few quick swings in the morning to stay in shape.

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Things to Look for in a Golf Practice Net

There are a few very important factors to take into account if you want to get the most suitable practice net money can buy. The first is the size of the net which is probably one of the initial qualities you will be looking at. Depending on whether you want to set it up in your back yard, garage or basement, and whether you'll be moving it a lot or not, the size can vary greatly depending on your specific preference.

It is also a good idea to consider taking a good look at the quality of the netting before buying. Make sure the net is sturdy and built to last, since you'll be shooting real golf balls at it, probably at very high speeds.

The frame construction, materials and portability associated with your new golf practice net are very important. You will need a net that's easy to set up and dismantle, can hold up against the elements, and can easily be transported in case you want to move it to a different location.

The Rukket “Haack Golf Net”

Golf Practice Net

Endorsed by SEC coach, Chris Haack, the Haack Golf Net offers excellent performance and a large area that you can really use for collecting golf balls when training intensely.

The net is 7 feet tall and 10 feet wide which is already pretty impressive, as it will help you prevent your golf balls from straying too far, and even errant shots will generally not be a problem as long as you don't swing from too far away.

The net is quite light, allowing you to easily transport it to any location you want, and its portability is increased through its compact design and easy dismantling. It can also be set up within minutes, and the resilient carry bag it is provided with will prove to be a very practical asset for comfort as well as making good time. In fact, the whole process of wrapping up, transporting it to a different place and setting it up again can easily be handled by a single golfer.

A special feature associated with the Haack net is its signature ball return feature. Basically, the net is designed to allow the ball to gently roll down and return to the player after each shot, helping to save a lot of time and effort.

SKLZ Quickster

Golf Training Net

If you have a powerful swing and you're tired of having your practice nets torn down or punctured too easily, the SKLZ Quickster might be a suitable choice for you. This net is extremely durable, and can withstand intense practice sessions with ease. Also, it uses a special type of tension-based frame technology that increases durability and allows golfers with all types of swings to practice quite easily.

Another special feature associated with the SKLZ is its strong, two-ply netting. Combined with its increased strength corner joint, it will deliver just the kind of resistance you need, while never allowing even the strongest shots to threaten its structural integrity.

You even get a chipping target to practice with, and both the target and the net can easily be adjusted depending on the height and position you want to obtain while practicing and depending on the types of swings you'd like to work on.

Finally, you'll find the net to be quite large, allowing for easy setup and disassembly, and it's also very lightweight due to its composite steel and fiberglass construction, making it one of the most portable large practice nets you can consider.

Callaway Tri-Ball Hitting Net

Garage or Outdoor Training Net

Strong netting is essential to most players, and the Callaway hitting net has the best in the industry. Available in three different sizes and made to provide you with the best experience through its high quality resilient construction, the net will help you improve your skills in no time at all.

Unlike most practice nets, this one can help you practice with virtually all the clubs in your bag. This quality is due to its unique design and shape which allows it to maximize its ability to capture all the golf balls you throw at it, while maintaining a sleek appearance and durable, yet lightweight profile overall.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that the Callaway Tri-ball hitting net weighs only 25 pounds or so, and can easily be set up and disassembled in just a few minutes. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor practice, and it's actually free standing, so you don't necessarily have to work too hard when it comes to setting it up. A hanging target is also included in the package.

Choosing the best net depending on your skill level, abilities and preferences can be essential to your success as a golfer. The nets presented above are among the most practical and well-designed nets available for the cost.

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